BTS is a partner of GB&Smith with a special focus on products 360 Suite.

360 Suite 360Suite  offers powerful audit tools, impact analysis, backup and recovery, improve the management of security in the middle of the SAP BusinessObjects. Using these tools leads to a reduction of resources for maintenance and management, optimize infrastructure for full use of BI, as well as to reduce the cost of maintenance.


360Suite Products: 


360 Eyes –Analyze your BO metadata

Audit and control all your metadata over time

  • Essential to migration or clean-up strategies
  • Track useless or duplicated reports, unused objects, optimize reports and thus conversion, optimize universes
  • Compare environments (CMS, version, time)
  • Perform impact analysis


360 Plus- Backup, promote & version your BO content

The tool for perfecting your backup and promotion strategies

  • Incremental content backup and selective object restoration
  • Single-screen object comparison and promotion between different SAP BusinessObjects environments
  • Version management, lineage, and data comparison of any object


360 View- Manage, document and audit your BO security

Project-mode object life-cycle management

  • Automatic version increment for linking versions to projects
  • Automated project delivery
  • Global rollback for a given project
  • Selective auditing and project auditing


360 Cast- Schedule and burst your BO reports

Dynamic and automatic report bursting management

  • Dynamic recipients, prompts and filters values from Excel file or Database
  • Link SAP BusinessObjects scheduling with your enterprise job scheduler


360 bind – Automate your BO non-regression test

Compare Webi outputs through time and across versions

  • Fast-track migration, safe new Service Pack deployment
  • Detection of non-matching report output (data)
  • Point out regressions, you do not even need to open and check your Webis