BTS Ltd. is a company founded in 2002 in the Republic of Bulgaria and operating on the territory of Bulgaria and EU. The company was founded by a team of highly qualified and strongly motivated experts in IT and sales. The main focus of company is implementation of business software solutions as key condition for prosperity of small, medium and big business.

BTS Ltd. has built a team of enthusiastic young specialists who are strongly motivated for positioning the company as a software technology leader in the country. The main ambitions of the company’s team are aiming constant improvement of the services they offer and extension of the company’s involvement in different projects and new partner relationships and completed solutions for the Enterprise. 


BTS Ltd. delivers leading Enterprise Software solutions and consultancy to the Bulgarian companies and institutions with the major objective of helping the Bulgarian business manage the rapid changes in the market, improve their decision-making, operating efficiency, maximize the value of services and enhance customer satisfaction.

As an official representative of the leading companies in the field of enterprise software - SAP®BusinessObjectsTM, Alfresco, Oracle, VMware and Microsoft, BTS Ltd. offers large scale of solutions and products in the sphere of Business Intelligence, data analysis, application infrastructure, Document Life cycle Management, business processes modeling and business processes managing as well as support and services, which includes high level of consultancy, solutions of specific business needs, developing of pilot and proof-of-concepts projects, etc.



Good decisions help organization move closer to its goals. The value of better decisions has a direct impact on costs and revenue.  This is achieved through arranging a single point of access to information by using Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse in all departments of organization, timely answers to business questions. 

The effect comes in: 

  • lowering costs (by improvement of operational efficiency, elimination of report backlog and delays, negotiation of better contracts with suppliers and customers, timely deduction of root causes of problems and taking action, identification of wasted resources and reduction of inventory costs, leveraging of ERP or Data Warehouse investments), 
  • increasing revenue (sale of information to customers, partners, suppliers; improving strategies with better marketing analysis; empowering the sales force) and 
  • Improving customer satisfaction (by giving users the means to make better decisions; providing quick answers to user’s questions; challenging assumption with factual information).



BTS Ltd. is focused on Business Intelligence technologies - especially the products of SAP®BusinessObjectsTM.

SAP®BusinessObjectsTM is the world's leading BI software that helps organizations gain better insight into their business, improving decision-making and enterprise performance. BusinessObjects integrates data from key sources, summarizes it and reports it, analyzes it using best practices and makes information actionable through management dashboards. 

BTS Ltd. is partner of Business Objects since 2003. After SAP acquired Business Objects in 2008, BTS becomes a preferred SAP partner for Business Intelligence. BTS team has taken part in all certification programs and trainings of SAP®BusinessObjectsTM and therefore the company is certified as exclusive value - add distributor in Bulgaria for SAP®BusinessObjectsTM licenses. 

One of the indisputable advantages of our company is that it is a Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). 

PCoE is a certified support center run by a VAR partner that provides VAR-delivered support to their end customers. BTS Ltd. conforms to standards set by SAP regarding the certification of individual support consultants, technical infrastructure necessary to provide support for SAP software, as well as the business processes and deliverables which ensure a high quality of support.



BTS Ltd. represents the “middle layer” between the specific needs of the enterprise and the best software solution for them.  Apart from sales and first and second line support and training, we carry out specific analysis of every single account, keep record of the current problems and specific requirements of the enterprise, analyze the specific situation and finally design a special tailor-made solution that is deployed and tuned on-site to show its power and functionalities.

Each single customer (potential or current) is consulted by certified experts, specially trained for providing needs analysis.